Beautiful & Mindful 


Steph; I currently live in Birmingham, doing a MSc in Marketing Communications at the University of Birmingham. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety over a year ago which has made me a on a mission to get more people to talk openly and positively about mental health.

‘Beautiful & Mindful’ is a beauty blog with a twist.  It’s about happiness, positivity and beauty to help mindfulness.

I love make-up, (potentially turning into an expensive hobby of mine!) and the half an hour I spend doing my face in the morning is actually the time I practise mindfulness. Its time without my phone, a chance to listen to some chilled music and to just sit with my thoughts.

When the bad days come, but I need to get up and ready to go, ‘putting my face on’ gives me that ‘I’m ready for today’ feeling. It gives me that little bit of oomph that allows me to start the day off well. Don’t get me wrong, the really bad days which make me bed bound, the makeup stays well away, allowing me to have a break from having to have the perfect eyebrow shape.

I’ve been inspired by authors that suffer from their own mental health issues to write things down, use words to express your feelings. So this is my attempt, hope you enjoy!

S x


The best way to reach me is through prinsteph_beauty@hotmail.com or through my social media channels;

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I’m a busy gal but I will try my hardest to reply x