Primark in October

I have lovedddd Primark this month, the transition from Summer to Autumn has really come through in the style of things now in Primark. My top 5 this month are all from the home/beauty section as I’m waiting for the super cosy jumpers to come in for the winter!

#1 Pink trinket tray


This is my favouriteeeeeee purchase from Primark this month. I have quite a few trays like this, but this was so pretty I just couldn’t resist. It was £2, its thick, it has a pretty pattern and is super cute to keep my rings in a place where I can find them. The bonus is that it goes with the new copper in my room and sits nicely on my makeup table.

#2 Cooper storage basket

IMG_9322Copper is everywhere at the moment and I’m lovingggg it. I saw this basket, picked it up and put it in my bag without even looking at the price. I don’t know what I’m going to put in it, but I needed it in my room asap. Its sturdy, shiny and is excellent for my random bits I seem to collect, I might even put all my flat lay props in it.


#3 Glitter washi tape

IMG_9318November sees the proper start of my bullet journal and so ofc I needed to find some bullet journal tape. I have honestly searched everywhere for washi tape and they are either stupidly expensive or have really random gross patterns. These are glitter and for only £1.50 what a bargain. Find them in the stationary section.

#4 Lip Liners


I have lost count on the amount of lip liners I have bought, however most have gone into the makeup draw and have never resurfaced. These however have not quite made it to the draw yet because I use them so much they stay right on top on the table. They have a great texture, they’re bright and for £1 each I can buy a colour to test it, if I don’t like it, I haven’t wasted money.

#5 Kabuki Brush

IMG_9319My rule is, that if I want to try something, I always see if theres a cheaper version in the Primark beauty section. I have heard a lot about Kabuki brushes, but not 100% how much id actually use it, so I’ve bought this one to trial, and if I do end up using it, will invest in a better one, but for now, this £2 one will do perfect!



Hope you enjoyed my top 5!

S x


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